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"Students who participate in extracurricular activities have greater academic success, greater character development, especially in the areas of time-management and leadership skills, more positive social development, and greater interest in community involvement."

BU Journal of Graduate Studies in Education, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2013

Extracurricular FUND

FUN experiences that

CAN make a difference

The Melson Foundation is dedicated to giving children in disadvantaged communities access to extracurricular activities. Through the McKenzie & Noah Extracurricular Fund, we seek to level the playing field and ensure that any child can participate in activities that foster their growth and development. We believe each young person should experience the social, emotional, and educational benefits of participating in after-school activities.

Many super creative and talented young people have few opportunities to explore and nurture their interests while they are young. Some extracurricular programs like ballet, acting, dance, art, gymnastics, summer sports, equestrianism, and ice skating are not a part of the public school package and require additional funds. As a parent, you want to give your children the world, but we know that the world is not cheap.


We believe every child and teen should have access to resources to help them explore and pursue their talents and interests. This is why we offer the McKenzie & Noah Extracurricular Fund, a program that helps families who may not have access to extracurricular programs due to a lack of funds. Our goal is to ensure that every young person has the chance to develop their skills and passions outside of the classroom, regardless of their family's financial situation.

  • Funds will be awarded by check, gift card, cash app, Zelle, or direct deposit.

  • A total of $1000 will be deposited in multiple installments over one year.

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