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Relisha Rudd Scholarship Fund

  • Who is eligible to apply for the Relisha Rudd Scholarship?

    • Any graduating high school senior who lives in an under-resourced community looking to pursue a 2-4 year degree, enrollment in trade school, or an entrepreneurial venture.

  • How much can one receive through the Relisha Rudd Scholarship?

    • Each recipient can receive anywhere between $500-$2000.

  • How many times can someone apply for the Relisha Rudd Scholarship?

    • Anyone who was not selected to be awarded previously has the option to re-apply as many times as they like.

    • Any previously awarded recipient will not be eligible to apply again.

  • How can I donate to the Relisha Rudd Scholarship Fund?

    • If anyone is interested in furthering the span of recipients for the Relisha Rudd Scholarship Fund, please click here to make a digital donation.

    • If anyone would prefer to donate via check please follow the instructions below:

      • Make checks payable to Melson Foundation

      • Mail donations to:
        ATTN: Rashema Melson
        Melson Foundation
        173 Saint Patrick Dr, Suite 104
        Waldorf, MD, 20603


  • Who are the courses for?

    • Anyone over the age of 13 interested in learning more about money management or investment​

  • Is there a cost to participate in the courses?

    • Yes, there is a $50 fee for each of the courses for any participant over 18.​

    • Melson Foundation Scholarship recipients can sign up to participate in the courses for free

  • Will the courses be held online or in person?

    • Both. Enrollment for the online courses will be year-round. Enrollment for in-person sessions will be listed with the course.

  • Do I have to take the “Keep The Bag” course first before I can take the “Flip The Bag” course?

    • No, anyone can take the courses in whichever order they choose, but we highly recommend people take the “Keep The Bag” course first.

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